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New Schools/Clubs Enquiries

As a result of our long established supply chain networks, we are able to supply entire ranges of school uniforms, school equipment and customised team wear, all in a reliable, high quality and timely manner.

Via regular attendance of relevant exhibitions and forums, we ensure we are also kept abreast of changing industry developments, trends, and innovations, ensuring we continually deliver the value and quality our customers require. 

Furthermore, Clonboy Ltd. has the experience in running on-site retail outlets, mobile shop facilities (our expert staff can bring school uniform, sportswear and other stock to the school and operate a pop-up shop with a fully functioning till) whilst simultaneously conducting sales directly to end consumers via our website; catering for varied customer preferences.

We understand that the needs and requirements of every customer are different and our approach is flexible to meet your individual demands.

We would therefore be very interested to discuss your requirements, and are keen to meet you at a mutually convenient time to discuss how Clonboy Ltd. can deliver a quality service at competitively commensurate prices.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require any clarifications.

Yours faithfully,
The Clonboy Team